Modern entertainment on board of Old planes? Someone made it happen 

These days, we are used to wait until we can board a modern plane to be able to enjoy modern entertainment. Not only that, many planes used on short-haul flights have no entertainment system at all.

However, many passengers travel with their own entertainment systems, in the form of smartphones and tablets, all of them wifi-ready (of course, this is the year 2016!)

Someone, somewhere, thought about how to offer modern entertainment aboard old planes without investing tons of money in a very expensive upgrade. These are the ingredients they used:

  • WIFI network (without Internet access)
  • Media server with dozens of movies and TV shows connected to the WIFI network
  • An app available for both Android and iPhone devices (that you must install before boarding the flight)
  • The personal device (tablet, smartphone) the passenger is carrying with him or her

Voila! BYOD (Bring your own Device) applied to on-flight entertainment! A very simple setup that enables airlines to provide up-to-date entertainment in old planes used for short-haul flights using the devices that every passenger carries with him/her.

You would imagine I saw this in an American or European carrier, wouldn’t you? Not at all. It was a Latinamerican carrier, LAN from Chile, in a flight between Buenos Aires and Iguazu. Check it out.

Amazing! Congratulations to the person that designed and implemented this!


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2 Responses to Modern entertainment on board of Old planes? Someone made it happen 

  1. You can find it in some flights from Aerolíneas Argentinas too! I had the opportunity to use both in-flight entertainment and I must say that the contents from LAN are far away better than the ones from ARG. Aerolíneas Argentinas seems to be ready to go, but the inventory is really to small, most of the categories have a “soon” message. But it’s good to see how this industry is moving forward on this topic.

    In the other hand, from the infosec point of view, it could be really easy to infect people with malware sharing a fake wifi network that pretend to be the one from the airline and ask the user to download the app form the supposed to be airplane server 😉

    • ignaciosb says:

      Interesting how I have never seen this in Europe but two airlines are offering it in Argentina!

      Regarding the infosec part, no comments… You are more than right! 🙂

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