Flying is about the little things

Flying with kids is a nightmare, that’s well known, not only by the kids’ parents but also by those that are going to be sharing the flight with them. Well… That came out a little dramatic. To be honest, it’s not a nightmare but it’s definitely not pleasant.

So, when you encounter airports and airlines thinking about how to improve the experience of those traveling with (or nearby) kids, it’s good to recognize it. Many airports are creating kids’ playgrounds, for instance, to make the wait more joyful for the kids and easy for the parents. However, that’s not what I want to write today about.

One part of the traveling experience that’s more difficult with kids, especially with small ones, is the security checkpoint. Starting from the fact that you are probably traveling with twice the amount of carry-on luggage when with your kids, plus the baby stroller, plus the baby milk and food, and continuing with the funny situation when your 18-months old child is walking alone through the metal detector. Precious moments happen during that time.

And imagine how it’s after, when you need to pack everything again and preventing your kid from running away. Beautiful!

Barcelona-El Prat thought about how difficult the security checkpoint is for the parents and the kids so they added a little crib at the end of it so you can put your kid there while you pack everything again or if you are required to have a longer security check.

Well done Barcelona! It’s a simple thing but makes a big difference so you don’t need to run around trying to catch your kid and packing all the baby food back into your bags after the security check. More airports and airlines need to think about things like this because the flying experience, like life, it’s about the little things.


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An expat who lives in airports and works in many things at an information security company
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