Flying ’round the globe

I reached another milestone in my Homo Avionus evolution: a trip around the globe. Like Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne’s famous book but in less time and definitely in a more comfortable way.

Some statistics of my trip:

  • Visited 3 destinations in 3 different continents
  • Stopped at 8 different airports, in 7 countries, including my favorite one (Changi)
  • Used 6 different type of planes, including a Boeing 787 for the first time, from 4 different airlines (Iberia, American Airlines, Japan Airlines and British Airways)
  • All the above in just 10 days and 17 hours (in your face, Mr. Fogg!)


Phileas Fogg

That must have costed you a fortune!“, some of you might think, and you’ll be wrong. Airlines groups like OneWorld and Star Alliance have special fares for this type of trips. In my case, the whole thing was 60 % of what it would have costed if I’d visit each destination separately. The reason is that I am taking less flights, which is good for the airlines and good for me as well because I also saved more than 2 days of traveling – it would have been more time effective if I wouldn’t have a long layover in Tokyo but well, what you can do…

The cost and time saving was exactly the reason why I did this trip this way. I needed to visit those 3 destinations due to my work, and doing it separately would take too much of my time because each location is in 3 different continents. Normally, I would need 3 weeks to go to each of those places individually, plus adjusting to new time zones and back every time. This way, I did it faster and more effective, even though my colleagues thought I was kind of crazy for doing it.

One plus was that because I was flying east, I adjusted quickly to each time zone in the first two destinations – 5 and 9 hours difference with my home time – but not so well in the last destination because the seats in the overnight flight I took to get there were quite old and uncomfortable and I couldn’t sleep well before arrival. Altogether, it paid off.

Another interesting outcome of this trip was to compare the service from 4 different airlines in a very short period of time. And the winner was… None of them, but the new seats and entertainment system in Iberia are definitely an improvement. The service of many airlines is decaying, something I am not the first to say; at least the crews were quite good and helpful, in general.

The whole adventure was a very nice experience. It got a little confusing at times – one morning I couldn’t tell where when I woke up – but it was more than entertaining and now I can scratch it off from my bucket list.

You should try this yourself. Check the site of your favorite airline group and start planning your trip around the globe! Otherwise, I will need to send you this gift…


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An expat who lives in airports and works in many things at an information security company
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  1. Awesome, where can I collect my free tshirt? Thanks!

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