The Breakfast Bag: the most awesome value-added experience I have seen in a while

The life of a frequent traveler sometimes can be improved dramatically with very simple things. It wasn’t until I traveled to Sweden a couple of months ago that I was introduced to a complete new world thanks to one of those simple things: the Breakfast Bag.

The Breakfast Bag

The Breakfast Bag

The Breakfast Bag is quite a descriptive name for this thing because it’s basically a bag, with a quick breakfast inside, made of a fruit, yoghurt, juice, some pastry and a cup of coffee or tea. “Yeah, so?” some of you might say but I will explain why this is a lifesaver.

When I travel for work, I tend to book very early or very late flights so I can make good use of the day. That means that many times I wake up in a hotel at 3 or 4 am, get ready, take a taxi and go to the airport to board a plane that leaves at 6 or 7 am. That means that most of those times, I cannot get breakfast in the hotel because i leave before they open; that’s not a problem only because I actually paid for that breakfast I cannot get, but also because sometimes I cannot get breakfast for another hour or so depending how far the airport is from the hotel I am staying.

By now, you should get the picture. Imagine then my surprise when I was in Göteburg last March, leaving the hotel at 4 am, sleepy and hungry, and when after checking out, the hotel staff tells me: “Don’t forget your Breakfast Bag, sir”. Imagine those slow-motion scenes in the movies where the two lovers run to each other. Got that, right? That’s how I felt when approaching the table where the bag was, I opened it and found what I have always looked for.

This happened in a hotel from the Scandic chain, and I do hope more hotels start to implement it. From now on, when I am traveling somewhere, I check for hotels that have a Breakfast Bag, the ultimate value-added experience for crazy travelers like me.

PS: Hana, you definitely know how to pick hotels! 🙂


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