Delayed at Athens International Airport

Athens International Airport (ATH) isn’t a bad airport. It looks relatively modern from the outside, there are plenty of shops, and it’s not that far from the city (even though taxis from and to the airport are quite expensive).

The business lounges are nice (Aegean, mainly; Lufthansa one is small), and the staff is acceptably nice as well. Something curious is that they might ask you to open your laptop or tablet when passing security.

However, this airport has one of those design flaws that don’t let you enjoy the place properly. The gates, at least the B gates, are separated from the shops and restaurants by the security checkpoint so once you go to the gate, you cannot easily go back to the restaurant.

The above isn’t a problem if you know it, so you go through security close to the boarding time. If you go too early, you will find absolutely nothing to do on the other side, except some press and very small coffee shops without tables.

And what happens if you find out your flight is delayed when you reach the gates? Well, you are basically f…. going to be extremely bored for quite a while and maybe do like me and write about it on your blog.

Athens International Airport, i know it’s expensive, but please bring proper contemporary design to your airport so all travelers can enjoy their trip fully when visiting your amazing country.


About ignaciosb

An expat who lives in airports and works in many things at an information security company
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2 Responses to Delayed at Athens International Airport

  1. muchasvidas says:

    Actually, It’s not expensive at all to create a shopping area in a waiting room of an airport. Thousands of companies and retailers are dreaming of that spot (even if very little) and they would pay for the whole project. This means ATH has some potential money-tree they are just simply not watering.

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