Flytiquette #1 rule: shower before you fly

There’re many unwritten rules and obligations about how to behave when flying and it’s about time someone starts writing them down so people starts to know what kind of etiquette they should follow while in a plane.

Until that someone does write them down, I will share a little bit of what I do to try to respect other fellow travelers. I will share the rules I follow myself, my own Flytiquette, in this and future posts and I will start with my #1 rule:

“If I am going to take a flight today, I should always take a shower before I leave home that day”

That’s a quite important rule for me, no matter how short or long the trip will be. There are enough weird smells in a plane – “long flight smell” is probably the worst one – and adding my own to that little pressurized space will probably not help me nor the rest of the people of the plane. Trying to cover it up with deodorant or perfume will just make it worst for everybody.

Every day I travel, I don’t leave home without taking a shower, even if I have a full day ahead of me. So, if you are in a plane and you are sitting next to someone that smells bad, that’s definitely not me. 🙂


About ignaciosb

An expat who lives in airports and works in many things at an information security company
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2 Responses to Flytiquette #1 rule: shower before you fly

  1. Diego Burrieza says:

    Your forgot a key point in the pharsing of this utmost necessary rule: ” And, of course, after taking the shower, wear a fresh set of clothes. And spraying yourself in perfume IS NOT a shower”

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