Traveling back in time

Stephen Hawking

If Stephen Hawking says time traveling is possible, I am nobody to argue against that. Moreover, I can confirm that’s possible and it’s easier than you think. I have already done it.

You know that there are several different time zones in the world, and that those are delimited by the different meridians that are crossing the globe from north to south – or south to north, depending from where you are standing. Due to how those time zones are defined, there’s some small chance that you can actually travel back in time. Technically.

Taveuni island - Where you can walk to the past (Credit:

Taveuni island – Where you can walk to the past

Back in 2005, i was in Auckland, New Zealand, for an information security conference. I was supposed to travel back to Buenos Aires after the event ended but my boss called me and a colleague asking us to change our trips to be in the United States as soon as possible. We both booked different trips to the same destination – Los Angeles – departing with a just a couple of hours difference.

We went to the airport together and when we were there, we realized that the arrival time and date of both flights was prior (!) to the departure time and date. My flight was departing at around 5 pm, his flight at 3.30 pm, but both flights were arriving to Los Angeles before noon… the same day!

International Date Line (Credit:

International Date Line

This was possible due to the fact that the flights were crossing the International Date Line (180 E meridian), the one that’s more or less in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and basically divides the world between today and yesterday (or today and tomorrow, depending of where you are standing)

We both realized that this was quite an amazing experience that you can only live when you take certain flights, like this connection between Auckland and Los Angeles. When my friend left to pick his flight, we both said: “Safe trip! I will see you in … a couple of hours ago” 🙂


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