iOS 7 Reminders app: an un-usable way of organizing your tasks

I have been using iOS devices since the very first version of that operating system, even before it was called that way. Since the inclusion of a Reminders app in Apple mobile devices, i have been organizing my life thanks to that app, both in my iPad and my iPhone (and on the web, thanks to iCloud).

As you all know, Apple launched iOS 7 just a couple of days ago, and a lot of people upgraded as soon as it was available. I didn’t. After watching their keynote presentation about iOS7, I was quite concerned about all the changes on the usability and usability of their new iOS. After reading as much as possible about the new version, I decided I would only upgrade to iOS on one of my devices (my iPad), and i regret that decision completely because the app I was using for organizing a lot of things in my life (Reminders app) is among the many many things that are not working properly now on my iPad. Thanks iOS7!

Can anyone tell me how to add a reminder here?

Can anyone tell me how to add a reminder here?

There are many issues with the new version of the Reminders app, but the worst is that there’s no easy way of adding a reminder! Previous versions of the app had a + (plus) button in the upper right corner so you could easily tap there and start creating your new reminder but that disappeared completely from the new version. iOS7 just lets you create new reminder by going at the bottom of a list or by using Siri. However, if you have many reminders (as I do) that’s an awful experience because it’s very slow to scroll down to the bottom of a list to find the empty space you need to tap in to create a new reminder, and when you try to do it, the app simply crashes from time to time. Beautiful! (Just to use the same word that Apple executives repeated more than 50 times during their iOS7 event)

At first, I felt I was just not smart enough to find the simple way that the extremely intelligent Apple engineers surely created for managing new tasks through this app but after trying everything I could think of, i searched online and found out I wasn’t the only one having this problem. I searched as many places as I could and there’s nobody knowing if Apple is even going to address this in the future or not. It seems they just don’t care for this app enough for doing it right or at least testing it properly.

I have been a happy Apple customer for years and almost all my devices are Apple. iOS7 is the first time I am extremely disappointed with them, and the disastrous new version of the Reminders app is one of many examples on how their new operating system is probably one of the worst things Apple has done in a long time, even worst that their Apple Maps because it affects the whole experience, not just one app.

I have never thought about changing my smartphone to one with a different operating system but now I do, because if Apple doesn’t fix the Reminders app (and many other things that are not working on iOS7), they will lose me and many other users that are starting to notice that they are not building things are easy to use as they did before.

Going back to the Reminders app, if you need a way to manage more than 10 reminders (yes, that many!), escape from that app as quick as you can without looking back. Try other apps like Evernote, RememberTheMilk or Wunderlist because those are proper apps to organize your reminders and tasks in an appropriate way, and all of them have an easy way to create new elements.


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