It looks like a UFO, it’s called UFO but it’s not a UFO

When you get to Bratislava for the first time, no matter which direction you are coming from or which is your type of transportation, you usually notice three things: the castle, the television tower and… a UFO!

It does look like n UFO, doesn't?

It does look like a UFO, doesn’t?

At first, it’s hard to believe what you see, and even after people tells you that it’s just a restaurant on top of a bridge, you still have your doubts because the most logical explanation continues to be that it’s definitely a UFO. It looks line one and it’s even called UFO!

Nový Most –

They say it was built in the 70s, during communism times, along with the bridge called Nový Most. I even heard some people saying that locals weren’t allowed to access the upper deck so they couldn’t see Austria. There’re mixed opinions about the bridge and the UFO because when and how it was built, but nobody can deny that it’s one of the landmarks of the city.

Inside the UFO you can find a restaurant and a bar, and from there you can access an observation deck at 95 m above the Danube river from where you can see pretty much the whole Bratislava. In a clear day, you can even see as far as Austria and beyond.

You can access the UFO using an elevator that’s inside one of the legs and the entrance is below the bridge, on the southern bank of the Danube River. The UFO is also available for private functions. We rented it last year for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of ESET, the company where I work, and the attendees coming from different parts of the world were amazed by the place and the views from the deck.

View of ESET's 20th anniversary celebration from the deck of the UFO

View of ESET’s 20th anniversary celebration in the UFO

If you happen to be in Bratislava, this is a place you shall not miss. My favorite time of the year to go there is at the beginning of the summer because you can enjoy beautiful sunsets while having a very nice dinner. In future posts, I will continue to write about other reasons why you should definitely consider to visit Bratislava 🙂


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