Becoming an airport zombie

In a previous post i described how getting off a plane actually is, something that hides many surprises if you don’t travel often. This post would indirectly cover the process of getting on the plane even though I am writing here about something quite different.

Once you become a frequent traveller, you start to transform yourself in what i call an airport zombie. If you laughed after reading the title of this post, you already know you are one of them.

Airport zombie on the move (by Dunken K Bliths)

Flying is a process, a quite repetitive one, that starts when you are booking your itinerary (flights, hotels, etc) and ends when you are back at home, unpacking your luggage. Once you have done it a couple of dozen times, you start to notice that your IQ decreases during several parts of the process, something that should be medically classified as the airport zombie syndrome.

This is because you have done the whole thing so many times that it becomes something automatic for you to pack, get your boarding passes, take the taxi to the airport, check in your luggage (optional), go through the security checkpoints, fly, land, pick up your luggage (not always), etc., so you basically feel that your brain is turned off until you get to the end of your trip, or at least you notice how you used to be more aware of your surroundings during your first trips.

You basically become something quite close to a zombie, or at least an automaton with only one goal: get to your destination. It doesn’t matter if you need to take your shoes off or not during the security checkpoint, each step you take is already known to you and you don’t even think during most of them. You can even recognise other airport zombies around you, like any proper zombie would do.

What I like the most about being an airport zombie – yes, i am proud of being one – is that you don’t pay attention to those parts of the flying process that you don’t care about, and you save your energy for when you need it (checking a nice sunrise from the window of the plane, or work on your presentation during the flight).

So, if you are becoming a frequent flyer or you are already one, and you were worried about those “black outs” at the airports, don’t be: you are not the only airport zombie around here.


About ignaciosb

An expat who lives in airports and works in many things at an information security company
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