Where is the header picture from?

Some of you might wonder where is this blog’s header picture from. If so, this post is for you.

That photograph was taken by me from the terrace of the office building where I work in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital. The river there is the Danube, the strange structure above the bridge is what the locals call the UFO, and the castle behind is simply known as the Castle of Bratislava. On the right side of the picture you can see the Old Town, and on the left the Incheba building.

Bratislava, formerly known by different names like Pressburg in German or Pozsony in Hungarian, it’s an interesting city that has gone through a lot along the centuries, being the coronation place of some Austrian-Hungarian royalty centuries ago. At the beginning of the past century, when the Slovak population there was less than 20 % of its inhabitants, not many would have bet it will become the city it’s today.

Today, Slovakia is part of the European Union, and Bratislava is the capitol city of the country. It’s a very nice city which is becoming more cosmopolitan every year, with new business areas growing here and there, a beautiful castle and old town, and many interesting things i will be writting more in future posts.


About ignaciosb

An expat who lives in airports and works in many things at an information security company
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