Getting off the plane

You know that the magic moment of getting off the plane is close when seconds after the plane has landed, while it is still moving, people starts to turn on their smartphones. Five to thirty minutes later, even more depending on the airport, and after you finished checking your friends’ updates on Facebook, the plane will stop at the door and you will start to see more than half the people in the plane getting up from their seats even though the fasten-your-seatbelts light is still on.

Getting off the plane

This is how getting off the plane actually looks like (Photo by me)

Just nano-seconds after the same people starts to feel anxious and a flight-attendant is asking someone to take his or her seat again, the captain will make an announcement, the seatbelts light will go off, and the more experienced travelers will probably still be sitting. You feel you are almost there, but you are not…

Getting off the plane can actually take another ten to fifteen minutes (yes, one-five) if you are seating in the back of the plane because there is always someone that stored his or her luggage in a different row and delayed everyone in the queue while trying to go against the flow to reach his handbag or duty-free purchases.

But that’s not all: if you checked your luggage, you still need to go to the baggage claim and in some airports, that might take up to thirty to forty-five minutes more (whoever landed at Barajas airport in Madrid knows what i am talking about). When you were happy that you finally got off the plane, that was just the beginning of actually finishing your journey.

And of course, we cannot forget that in some countries you need to go through the migration and customs control, take some form of transportation (taxi, metro, bus, etc) and travel some more time (maybe five minutes, maybe an hour) until finally reach your final destination for real.

I know, it sounds a little too negative. However, if you are patient, the whole process of getting off the plane – if we consider the actual whole process – can be quite enjoyable. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that landing is just the first step of many until you actually arrive to your home or hotel, and everybody is as anxious as you to get there.

In some airports and flights, the whole process might take as little as thirty minutes, but in other cases, you can actually be facing a couple of hours more of travel until finishing your journey. If you are going to fly some route for the first time, i recommend you to expect the worst – in terms of how much time it will take you to get off – so you are happily surprised if everything goes smoothly. 🙂


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